How can a foreigner buy property in Belarus?

How can a foreigner buy property in Belarus?

Belarus is a  beautiful country located in Eastern Europe. It is an independent country which is proud of its rich historical past and a distinctive architecture According to the UNO, Belarus is ranked as a country with a high quality of life. Belarus is on the 52th place in the Index of Human Development among 187 other countries.

Belarusians are a very friendly nation. Tourists and business people from other countries are warmly welcomed here.

Belarus has recently become more open for foreigners. Now citizens of 80 countries can stay in Belarus for 1 month without a visa, provided they enter the country via Minsk National Airport. The cost of education, living costs, dwelling costs are lower than in the majority of Western and Eastern European countries. This is why the real estate in the Republic of  Belarus is considered a safe and promising investment.

At the present time, any foreigner can acquire property in Belarus. The buyer should have a notarized translation of his/her passport into Russian or Belarusian, except for Russian citizens. If the buyer does not speak Russian/ Belarusian, he/she must have an official interpreter from their language into Russian/ Belarusian language while signing the purchase and sale agreement of real estate.

Except one moment, the procedure of property acquisition by foreigners is almost identical to that for residents of Belarus, foreign citizens can own only buildings but not land on which these buildings stand. However, foreign citizens can lease land.

Real estate tax is paid by non-residents of Belarus selling any property in Belarus. A resident is a person who lives in Belarus for more than half a year.

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  5. help you to re-register all the documents in your name in various agencies.

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